BPX-BIOD GC columns

Part number: 0541180SG53

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More than five decades of innovative phase technologies and unique fused silica production capabilities, together provide end-to-end separation solutions for all applications.

Features and benefits

Optimized for specified ASTM and EN biodiesel methods.

Recommended applications

ASTM and EN biodiesel methods (ASTM D6584, EN14110, EN14105, and EN14103).

Product specifications

Each BPX-BIOD GC column is tested at the maximum operating temperature for the column, and specific tests are undertaken to ensure the column meets inertness specifications and separation performance. This means you can be confident of a reliable separation, column after column. ASTM D6584 / EN 14105, EN
14103, EN 14110.

Method Phase Column ID (mm) Length (m) Film thickness (µm)
ASTM D6584*¥ BPX–BIOD6584 0.32 10 0.1
ASTM D6584*¥ BPX–BIOD6584 0.32 15 0.1
EN14103* BPX–BIOD20 0.32 30 0.25
EN14105*¥ BPX–BIOD5 0.32 10 0.1
EN14110** BPX-BIOD Wax 0.32 30 0.25
EN14110** BPX-BIOD Wax 0.32 30 1

*Recommended column in method
**Alternative column recommended in method
¥ Includes guard column


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