Microtome blades

Part number: 4810051

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Profile High profile: 80 mm x 14 mm x 0.30 mm

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The blade of choice for any tissue type

Trajan microtome blades offer exceptional cutting and longevity for a wide range of tissue specimens. A unique coating and innovative edge provide exceptionaldurability while enabling smooth and precise tissue sectioning.

Designed for use with any type of tissue, Trajan blades are suitable for all microtomy and cryotomy applications, making them the ideal blade for routine histology work. From skin biopsies to more fibrous uterine tissue, Trajan blades will reproduce thin sections with ease. Made to last, Trajan blades are also the perfect choice for a diverse range of research applications.

Available in either low or high profile, Trajan blades eliminate the need to juggle multiple blades for different tissue types, simplifying the laboratory workflow.

Available for sale in Australia, New Zealand, UK and EU.