CRS Manual crimping tools

CRS crimping tools

Our ergonomically designed crimping tools have advanced the standards of manual crimpers and decappers by addressing all of the deficiencies associated with traditional blocky, metal tools.

  • Reliabily seal crimp caps manually with less physical strain.

Features and benefits

  • Constructed of tough, light-weight plastic that is incredibly durable, but weighs much less than metal crimping tools.
  • The curved handles create a natural grip, greatly improving comfort over metal grips.
  • Unique bottom-pull technology allows for steadier operation in comparison to top-push handle designs.
  • The adjustment knob is easily viewed and clearly displays + and - symbols along with directional arrows, simplifying the process of adjusting the crimp setting - no tools needed!
  • No more extra squeeze required! When the adjustment knob touches the body of the crimper, the desired crimp setting has been reached - significantly reducing arm strain and fatigue associated with traditional manual crimping.

Recommended applications

Low volume crimping/decapping applications for aluminum crimp caps.

Product specifications

Tools in 8, 11, 13, and 20 mm crimping and decapping.


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