GLT (Glass Lined Tubing)

Combining Strength and Inertness

GLT™ (Glass Lined Tubing) was invented and patented to address the problem of achieving a completely inert chromatographic system. It is made by fusing a borosilicate glass lining onto the inside surface of stainless steel tubing. GLT can either be used as straight tubing or it can be machined or shaped into virtually any chromatography accessory. The options are limitless.

Features and benefits

  • GLT is inert and has excellent resistance to strong acids and bases, unlike inferior silica coated brands.
  • Biocompatible making it ideal for many HPLC applications.
  • Mirror surface finish allows high HPLC column efficiencies.
  • GLT is stable and withstands high temperatures to 500°C.

Recommended applications

  • Reactor tubing.
  • Transfer lines or flow lines.
  • Stack probes for environmental monitoring.
  • HPLC columns for protein and biosensitive analyses.
  • Mass spectrometer interfaces.
  • Thermal desorption tubes.
  • Inert tee pieces and unions.

Product specifications

GLT comes in a wide range of sizes with ODs of 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" and IDs between 0.3 - 9.5 mm. GLT can be machined to form unions, fittings, and a range of other chromatography accessories.


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