Part Number List - SilFlow® GC Deans' switch

Part number: PDPN-1080-G

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Part number Part description and detail
1237031 SilFlow GC Deans' switch kit (SilFlow GC Deans' switch MCD, SilFlow ferrules 1.1 mm ID PK10, SilFlow ferrules 0.4 mm ID PK10, SilFlow ferrules 0.5 mm ID PK10, pre-swage tool 0.4 mm, pre-swage tool 0.5 mm, SilFlow nuts PK6, SilFlow blanking ferrules and pins PK2, SilTite FingerTite tool, mounting bracket and screws, 2 m x 0.1 mm ID x 0.363 mm OD fused silica tubing, 2 m x 1.1 mm OD length stainless steel tubing PK2)
1237261 SilFlow GC Deans' switch microchannel device (MCD) only
Replacement parts
123704 SilFlow nuts, PK10
123713 SilFlow ferrules 0.35 mm ID, for 0.32 mm OD tubing, PK10
123706 SilFlow ferrules 0.4 mm ID, for 0.36 mm OD tubing, PK10
123707 SilFlow ferrules 0.5 mm ID, for 0.43 mm OD tubing, PK10
123743 SilFlow ferrules 0.55 mm ID, for 0.45 mm OD metal tubing, PK10
123709 SilFlow ferrules 0.7 mm ID, for 0.68 mm OD tubing, PK10
123744 SilFlow ferrules 0.75 mm ID, for 0.71 mm OD metal tubing, PK10
123742 SilFlow ferrules 0.8 mm ID, for 0.79 mm OD tubing, PK10
123705 SilFlow ferrules 1.1 mm ID, for 1.07 mm OD tubing, PK5
123715 SilFlow blanking ferrules and pins, PK5
123717 SilTite FingerTite tool
123755 SilFlow stainless steel capillary tubing, 75 cm x 1.1 mm OD sleeved to 1/16" at one end