SGE gas tight syringes

The comprehensive range of SGE syringes are designed and tested to meet critical specifications. The SGE syringe range offers a never before seen level of Durability, Clarity and Accuracy in the laboratory.

No other syringe range provides such brilliance.

Features and benefits

  • PTFE plunger tip for perfect sealing.
  • Metal back flange with flat sides prevents syringe rolling off benches.
  • Bright white backing strip with black scale markings for accurate reading of the syringe scale.
  • Metal cap on fixed needle syringes protects the syringe barrel from chipping and breakage.

Recommended applications

  • Manual GC and LC sample injection.
  • Liquid dispensing.
  • Gas sampling.

Product specifications

  • Accuracy and reproducibility: ±1% (dispensed volume)
  • Borosilicate glass barrel outer diameter (OD): 6.5 mm for 10 µL, 8 mm for 25-500 µL, 8.8 mm for 1 mL, 10.8 mm for 2.5 mL, 13.7 mm for 5 mL, 18 mm for 10 mL, 27 mm for 25 mL, 32.6 mm for 50 mL, 40.6 mm for 100 mL
  • Scale length: 54.1 mm for 10 µL, 60 mm for 25 µL - 25 mL, 81 mm for 50mL, 114 mm for 100 mL
  • Volume range: 10 µL - 100 mL
Fixed and removable needle, luer and luer lock versions are available.


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