Download: Part Number List - GC nuts for fittings [PDF]

Also see: Product Data Sheet - GC nuts for fittings

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Part number Part description and detail
Stainless steel
103403 1/16" hole stainless steel, PK5
103408 1/16" hole (extended) stainless steel, PK5
1034030 1/16" hole male stainless steel nuts, PK5
103405 1/16" fittings x 1.2 mm hole (extended) stainless steel, PK5
103402 1/8" hole stainless steel, PK5
1034050 1/8" hole (extended) stainless steel, PK5
103407 1/4" hole (extended) stainless steel, PK5
103400 1.2 mm hole mini union stainless steel nut, PK5
Brass (nickel plated)
1034085 1/16" x 1.2 mm hole (extended mini) brass (nickel plated), PK2
103406 1/16" x 1.2 mm hole (extended) brass (nickel plated), PK5
103404 1/16" hole brass (nickel plated), PK5
SilTite metal nuts
073224 SilTite metal nuts, female thread 10-32 ID hole, PK5
073226 SilTite metal nuts for Agilent split/splitless injectors, PK5
073225 SilTite metal nuts 10/32" female thread 1/16" ID hole, PK5
073232 SilTite metal nuts - slotted female thread M5 for use on Shimadzu GC14A, GC17A, GC2010 and GC2014 detector/injectors, (not for MS interfaces or QP2010 injector), PK5
073233 SilTite metal nuts - Shimadzu QP5000/5050 standard MS Interface, PK5
073230 SilTite metal nuts for Thermo GCMS interface connections, PK5
073231 SilTite metal nuts with 1/4-28 female thread for Varian/Bruker GCMS interface connections, PK5
SilTite FingerTite
073636 SilTite FingerTite female nut, PK5