Stainless steel sample loops for 1/16" Cheminert HPLC and UHPLC injectors

Part number: PAL.CSL2

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Size 2 µL

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Sample loops for Cheminert injection valves

These CTC Analytics stainless steel sample loops are designed for HPLC and UHPLC applications using Cheminert valves.

Product specifications

Stainless steel sample loops, with 1/16" stainless steel nuts and ferrules.

These loops are cut electrolytically and polished for square, burr-free ends. They are steam cleaned with filtered, deionized water.

Sample loops are accurately sized for each valve type. However, with small volume loops the tolerance on the ID of the tubing (±0.001") can have a significant effect on the volume. Therefore loop volume and loop appearance may differ from batch to batch.

For North America. Estimated lead time is 14-21 business days.