CRS ZPure™ M gas filters

CRS gas purifiers and filters

Pure gas is a critical requirement in gas chromatography, spectroscopy, optics, lithography, and numerous other applications in manufacturing and analytical laboratories. The ZPure™ M filters remove a wide range of contaminants to trace levels. The ZPure M filters are 3800 cc canisters that have the benefits of higher flow rates, larger capacities, and are refillable in most versions.

Features and benefits

  • High-efficiency in-line traps with outstanding capacity.
  • High quality activated adsorbents for long purifier life and efficient contaminant removal.
  • Filter lifetime is dependent on quality of incoming gas, and the flow rate.
  • Made from 316 stainless steel.
  • 1/4" stainless steel compression or 1/2" VCR fittings.
  • Individually leak-tested.

Recommended applications

It can be used to purify inert gases, He, Ar, N2, and H2, in larger capacities. It is recommended for any application requiring ultra-pure gas free from contaminants, and has worked well in semi-conductor applications.

Product specifications

ZPure M Volume Function Capacity (nominal-max) Outlet concentration at nominal flow rate Flow rate (nominal-max) Max pressure Dimensions
HC 3800 cc Removes hydrocarbons 327 - 1,060 g* < 5 ppb 30 - 200 SLPM 150 psi for air, N2 or inert gases
80 psi for H2 or O2
10 cm x 64 cm
H2O Removes water 369 - 640 g** < 20 ppb 30 - 200 SLPM
CO2 Removes carbon dioxide 300 - 564 cc*** < 5 ppb < 20 SLPM
PolyGas II Removes water and hydrocarbons 180 - 281 g** H2O
159 - 530 g* HC
< 20 ppb H2O
< 5 ppb HC
30 - 100 SLPM
O2/H2O Removes oxygen and water 8,100 - 13,658 cc O2
129 - 196 g* H2O
< 5 ppb O2
< 20 ppb H2O
14 - 40 SLPM

* Hydrocarbons (C5 and heavier); capacity based on 0.05% pentane inlet concentration.
** Water capacity based on an inlet moisture concentration of 200 ppm.
*** Capacity based on an inlet CO2 concentration of 400 ppm.


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